The good weather and fruits await you in Antananarivo


Letchi Starting in September, the nice weather begins to smile on Madagascar. The sky is blue, the colors of the blooming peach trees marvel the landscape and greenery adds even more joy in this beautiful budding spring. Yes, the nice weather is indeed waiting for you after a few winter months and some gray days […]

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This is Time for high tourist season!!!

Tourisme à Madagascar

The month of September usually introduces the end of winter and early spring. A wonderful time to travel and discover Madagascar including the capital . This is the peak tourist season. Note that the coasts of the Big Island do not suffer too much from the winter chill, this is rather a Highlands concern. So […]

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A tropical garden downtown of the capital

Les vins du Restaurant La Ribaudière

Harmony and well-being await you in our restaurant Winter will soon go away. Enjoy a moment of relaxation in a tropical garden in the city center of Antananarivo ( Tananarive ) . The  restaurant de l’hotel La Ribaudière Tananarive was designed in a way that the client feels like on the coast of Madagascar with […]

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